Hi! I'm Nacho

Actually working on a Fine Arts Shop, and doing 3D/code stuff in the background


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Sketchfab’s models of the month: March 2017

Sketchfab’s models of the month: March 2017


Sketchfab Spotlight | April 2017

Sketchfab Spotlight | April 2017

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Sketchfab Realtime Selection #85

Sketchfab Realtime Selection #85

Blue & Malone Short Movie

Accredited as Generalist & Technical Lighting

Credits Section


CICE Madrid

Autodesk Authorized Training Center Official Certificates

- Autodesk Maya Certified Professional nº 00260508
- Autodesk 3dsMax Certified Professional nº 00261921

UCLM University Spain

Systems Computer Engineering 90%

LOYOLA HCN Center Madrid

Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) on Electronics / Electricity

Work as Artist

Fictzia Art School (Madrid)

Modeling Teacher @ Maya 2016 3D/VFX Master 2015 - 2016

S. Coop. Madrileña E.P.

Marketing Dpt., 3D Design & I.T. Leader 2015 - 2015

Corporate Image, Web Desing / Online Shop, General IT, Excel Coder, 3D Desing

3D Artist at Visualmente / Entelgy (Madrid)

Freelance 3D Artist 2012 - 2015

Creative in performing animations / renderings for Architectural purpose or Interactive Internet Portals.

Fine Arts URJC University

Blender Teacher 2011 - 2012

Blender Teacher, Fine Arts Faculty of CES Felipe II- UCM University in the subject of Digital Technologies and Sculptural Techniques.

3D Artist / Generalist & Technical Lighting in the Blue&Malone short film.

EL VIAJE IMPOSIBLE, P. C. S.L. (Goya Award Finalist 2014) 2010 - 2011

Performing the following task:
- 3D Modeler & Texturizer (Maya, UVLayout, Photoshop)
- Shading Artist (Maxwell Render)
- Secondary Animations with Ncloth Dynamics & HairSystem (Maya)
- Manual Secondary Animations, Cleaning Curves, General Fixing (Maya)
- Lighting and Rendering, Integration & Full 3D shots (Maxwell Render)
- Aditional Passes for PostPro as Masking, Shadows, Reflects... (Mental Ray & Maxwell)
- Hair Render Management (RenderMan and Shave&HairCut)
- Render wrangler (Deadline 4.0)

Grupo Prisma (Santander)

3D ArchViz Artst Freelance 2007 - 2010

Freelance at Architectural Visualizations

Innova+ S.L.

3D ArchViz Artist 2004 - 2007

Project Leader at Architectural Visualizations for Leisure Center and Business Area "Imaginalia"

Work as Human

"Ocre" Fine Arts Shop

Shop Manager 2009 - Today

Shop Manager at Ocre Bellas Artes, Main Supply Shop for Fine Arts URJC University

Comar S.A. (Gran Via 24 Casino, Madrid)

Electronic / I.T. Systems Technician 2013 - 2014

Setup, Supervision & Maintenance of Bally/Iview Systems, Graphics Design Iview Displays

and no... is a myth, the machine isn´t "hot", is pure luck...

Senoble Iberica

Process Operator 2008 - 2009

Process & Transport Operator, Food Industry (Mercadona)

yeah! next stop: Masterchef!

Robert Bosch GmbH Spain

2º Oficial Machinery Operator 1998 - 2003

Machinery Operator, Automobile Industry (SEAT)

So maybe your car has a piece manufactured by me!

Unilever Spain

Storage Silo / Truck Logistic Admin 1998 - 1998

Admin on Large Robotic Automated Storage Silo

Largest Automated Silo in Europe at that time!

Fruehauf Spain

Welder / Assembly Truck Operator 1996 - 1997

Assembly Sections on Trucks Manufacture & Electric Components

So I know how to weld things together!