Blue&Malone (ShortFilm Finalist Goya 2014)

It was a great experience working on this short film for 8 months and surrounded by such good companions, with a great talent that I could learn so many things.

The Short was Finalist at Goya Awards on February 2014.

These were my tasks during the development of the film:

- 3D Modeler & Texturizer (Maya, UVLayout, Photoshop)

- Shading Artist (Maxwell Render)

- Secondary Animations with Ncloth Dynamics & HairSystem (Maya)

- Manual Secondary Animations, Cleaning Curves, General Fixing (Maya)

- Lighting and Rendering, Integration & Full 3D shots (Maxwell Render)

- Aditional Passes for PostProduction like Masking, Shadows, Reflects...(Mental Ray & Maxwell)

- Hair Render Management (RenderMan and Shave&HairCut)

- Render wrangler (Deadline 4.0)

Also do some promotional images for posters or dossiers, as in the case of the image below