App Enmarcado Ocre / Frame It App

Personal Project

Software: Unity / C# / Maya

Working in a Fine Arts shop, with a picture framing section, I saw the need to create a visual support to help customers decide which was the right molding for his picture (and his home).
People always try to get an idea of how the finished picture will look, and not only that, but also that it fits the space in their house where they are going to place it (wall of X color, furniture of X color, etc ...), but with just the sample of the frame it is difficult to see it many times

And from there the idea of creating the application arises, with it you can see the finished picture, adjusted to the size that you need, with the calculated budget, the color of the wall, the type of glass, passpartour color, etc ...

Why the option to resize? because that way you can get an idea of how much it would be worth if you were going to paint a new one, or if you want to print a photograph to later frame it and you don't know what size you are going to print it, etc...

Adding more frames to the App is very easy:
-an entry on the XML with the info name, type, price, textures used...
-the 3D Model
-the textures and a thumb for the ScrollRect Menu
The App will load it automatically on Awake and ready to use!