Personal Project "8 bits series"

Meganova, Dinamic 1988, cover drawn by the great Alfonso Azpiri

Software: Maya / Zbrush

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../ The Liberty Statue

estatua_compo estatua_compo_Z

../ The Stolen Ship "Sprocket-System"

nave2 nave1 nave3

../ Complete Scenario / Details

escenario_general_1 escenario_general_2 escenario_general_3 escenario_general_4

...and you know, after fighting evil forces (ahem...remember that you have stolen the ship...), you arrive to your "Mansion" and take your 80´s sport car to go for a well-deserved ride...


Picture of the "Dinamic Mansion" courtesy of

Pictures In-Game are from the ZX Spectrum version, by Dinamic

../ Reference, Original Cover / Magazine Advert of the game