The T-770 Tetsuyuki Battle from MetalSlug

I really like the art of the MetalSlug saga, especially this "final boss", so I decided to recreate it in 3D.
The main idea was to make a static render, but then I thought it was more fun to be able to move around the stage, so here it is.

Modeling: Maya / Zbrush

Texturing: Substance Painter / Photoshop

Uvs: UvLayout / Maya

Rendered & Presented: SketchFab / Marmoset ToolBag

Project Featured at:
CGChannel Sketchfab’s models of the month: March 2017
Polycount Sketchfab Spotlight | April 2017

SketchFab Version

In-Game Capture of the MetalSlug Arcade

ScreenShots from SketchFab

ScreenShots from Marmoset Toolbag

Props Details

The original High Poly modeling

Stage was modeled including a part that doesnt appear in the game as simulating that the "plane" has split in 2 when crashing against the rocks. Due to size excess I removed this part of the scene and left only what you see before, at this moment I came up with the kids playing in the background.